How to Move Successfully and NOT be Totally Stressed

So as so of you may know by now, I moved from NYC to Columbus! Moving is no easy task, even if you have all of your friends willing to help with the process! Luckily for you, I’ve done it and am here to help make it so much easier for you!

If you can afford it, hire movers! It will make the moving day SO much more helpful and seamless an save you a lot of time allowing you to focus on things you probably didn’t realize would even be a thing!

If you can’t, no stress! Find 3-4 friends that have been working on their summer bodies and put them to the test! If one of them has a big car, even better!

Grab yourself a new notebook because I’ve pulled together the top tips to help your move NOT be stressful! Might I recommend a favorite?!

Making a move easy starts with PURGING ….

  • As some of you may have seen or read Marie Kondo’s Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this will SAVE you!
  • Before you start packing, PURGE!! Does each piece of clothing you have bring you joy, if not say goodbye!
  • Donate to friends, family or a local shelter in need, you are doing something to help your community as well

Next step, ORGANIZE

  • When I say organizing is time consuming, that is an understatement. But when I say that it will make your move SO much easier, I am not lying
  • I love to put things in clear containers so that way when it comes to packing and unpacking, it’s a breeze!
  • These items can live in their containers for the rest of their lives and you will feel so much better about things too
  • My favorite things to use containers for? I have one for workout clothes, one for chargers, one for papers and so on!
  • My favorite are from the Container Store and they start at $1.99!

Finally, PACK

  • Once you have purged and organized, it’s time to PACK!
  • Start with the room that will take the most time first
  • Once you have stuffed your box shut, be sure to write on each side of the box, yes all 6 sides, the contents of the box
  • Be sure to number the box as well, 1 of “X” and once you are done with all of your packing, go back and add the total as “X”
  • That way you will be certain that nothing goes missing in the process

So now that we have talked but all the details of the act of moving, let’s talk about things to do before you move. Important things like change your address and all those fun things!

30 days before your move

  • Find your new place! I can’t put this into a post and it’s SO different for each city but that is step number one!
  • Start purging and organizing! It doesn’t sound like it will take long, but trust me, during your last week in your home and city, the last thing you will want to be doing is organizing when you are trying to say goodbye to family and friends!
  • Gather all of your bills into one place and make sure you know your calendar of any auto-deduct credits cards and when your bills are due!
  • Moving isn’t cheap, so by doing this, you are able to ensure you have enough to pay the day each thing is do. Maybe that new coffee table can wait …
  • Cancel your gym membership! Most places need at least 30 days notice and if you are moving out of state, they usually wave the fee
  • Write down all of the furniture, kitchen items and anything that will be going on your move. This will also help you make a list of things you will need to buy for your new place!

14 days before your move

  • CHANGE your address! The USPS makes this process so simple! It will begin to forward your mail on whatever effective day you select. I recommend a week out, that way old and new things get to your new place when you do
  • Update all of your bank and credit card billing addresses
  • Update your Amazon address, if you’re like me you have a few things under subscribe & save and don’t want that going to waste!
  • Update any magazine subscriptions

Believe me when I say writing this post felt so silly, but when I came across someone else’s post like this, it saved me life! So wether you are moving this month, this year or know of a friend that is, save this post! Share it and I promise, you will make someone’s life so much easier!

Xx, J

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