So with summer season (sadly) coming to a close, I’m doing everything possible to hold onto my tan! Self-tanners are great if you are on the go and need something quick, but the real way to keep that glow long is a spray tan! They are amazing for special events & every day to be completely honest. I did one for the wedding I had last weekend and honestly, it looks like I just stepped off the plane from a week on the beach!

I love them the most because they look natural. You don’t turn out orange and the session itself takes under a whole 15 minutes. I can’t think of the last time I could do anything in under 15 min. I’ve been a fan of spray tans for a while now, and find it hard to find the PERFECT salon. There are always great Groupon deals, but you never know what you will get. That is when I discovered Brazil Bronze from a friend referral.

They are an NYC based company with now FOUR locations and they can even come to your house. I mean, there is no excuse already not to love a chain. On top of that, they have a ton of different spray tan options ranging in how dark or quick you want to get your tan on. My favorite part of their company, their CEO is a girl BOSS. Yes ladies, let’s hear your fellow female support.

So enough of me confessing my love for Brazil Bronze, but can I just add one more thing that will benefit you?!

They are giving Style out of Stock followers an Exclusive Offer!! Use the code “STYLE15” for 15% off any spray tan service or tanning product at their newest location, Brookfield Place!

If you aren’t based in NYC, don’t worry! You didn’t waste 30 seconds of reading me blab about spray tans for nothing, there is something here for you too! So many of my friends ask for best tips to prep for your spray tan and how to keep it as long as possible! So here are the best tips I’ve learned and discussed with the experts to share just with you!

 How amazing & natural does this spray tan look at my friend's wedding?! 

How amazing & natural does this spray tan look at my friend’s wedding?! 

How can I prep for my spray tan and get the most out of it?!

Before your spray tan session:

It’s best to arrive at your spray tanning appointment with exfoliated skin. Be sure to get all of your shaving/waxing done before your appointment.

It’s best to exfoliate the day prior to make sure any oils from your exfoliating product are not on the skin and that your pores are closed. 

Arrive at your tanning appointment with clean shaven skin, free of any products, lotions, deodorant, perfumes, makeup etc. I love to carry makeup remover wipes with me if I’m going to my apt straight from work!

During your spray tan session:

Your spray tan technician should spray you with a fine spray tan mist (not heavy).

This application will fade better and more like a natural tan. The darker the tan, the more patchy it will fade.

The key to controlling that is a fine mist application. If applied too heavy, it will chip off. If it’s applied on a fine mist, it will fade much better. 

Immediately after your tanning session:

Wear loose dark clothing

Skin should not touch skin. Be conscious of what you are doing and what you’re touching!

Do not sweat or workout while your tan is developing

Do not get wet while your tan is developing

Do not apply any product to your skin while the tan is developing.

Different parts of the body develop at different stages. Make sure you take your first shower after the time recommended so your tan is fully developed in all areas. 

But can I shower?!

Of course! Don’t freak out! When you shower for the first time, you will see your tan go down the drain but that is 100% part of the process. Shower with warm water until your color guide washes off and the water is running clear.

Use very little soap and make sure it’s not a drying soap & don’t scrub your body. When you’re done pat dry with a towel & do not rub that gorgeous tan right off!

Day 2 and on

Avoid taking a bath, soaking, pools, salt water, heavy, and products with chemicals that peel the skin or exfoliate the skin

Be sure to moisturize! I recommend the Brazil Bronze Glow Stretcher/Tan Extender. This will gradually add color back into your spray tan and keep your tan looking fresh and keeping it moisturized & their Quench Spray Tan Moisturizer.

If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to buy these products to have the best spray tan! Just use a non-scented body moisturizing lotion daily & avoid any product that is too oily and better to use a product with essential oils if any oils. 

So now that you are an expert too on spray tans, get ready to book your next appointment so you can keep your summer glow going!

Book your appointment and get 15% off with code “STYLE15”.

All the details are here!

Brazil Bronze Glow Bar @ The Salon Project inside Saks Brookfield (225 Liberty St, 3rd Floor)

Call for your apt (347) 745-6866 or visit their website for more info!

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