After my amazing two and a half days in Vegas (see my last post here for the best of my trip), I hopped on a plane to LA! If you are ever doing a west coast trip, Vegas to LA was only $40 to fly via Virgin America. My best friend from college, Maddie, moved out there last year for work so it was a girls reunited weekend together! 

Friday night we went to The Grove which is a stunning outdoor shopping plaza. The streets are lined with every shop you could ever want from Zara to Le LaboElizabeth and James and so many more. They also had a movie theatre, a Farmers Market and tons of eating options. We decided on La Piazza, a cute and intimate Italian restaurant with outdoor seating. We split the Chicken Parmesan and Calzone, YUM.

After a Friday night of fun, we were ready to take on the city full force Saturday! We started with brunch at PUMP, which for my reality TV friends is a restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump. The atmosphere was so insanely cool and the food was up to par with it. After Eggs Benedict and a few mimosas later, I was ready to shop!

Next on the list was the famous Rodeo Drive! We shopped the streets and of course, Saks. Everything and everyone was so beautiful, so it was hard to leave! But knowing that our next destination was delicious Salt and Straw Ice Cream, it made leaving a little easier. I truly wish Salt and Straw would open in NYC but then again I would probs gain 15 pounds! It’s SO GOOD. If you go to CA, it’s a must! 

Before dinner, we got a hike in during sunset. It was so beautiful and honestly a workout too! Hiking Runyon Canon was beyond cool, but I could feel the burn still the next day. Guess that is how LA folks stay so skinny (plus Soul Cycle and Green Juice … LOL).

So dinner was on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, the most amazing location at Obica Mozerella Bar. Obica is actually a chain and after going to the location in LA, I need to go now in NYC. Hold please, making a reservation as we speak! Maddie I split so many plates from mozzarella to prosciutto, pasta and wine. I’m in a food coma thinking about it, but so good! 

Sunday was a little less about eating but more about seeing the city and exploring! We drove up the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) to Malibu. The PCH drive alone was just jaw dropping and then the drive though Malibu to just breath taking. 

Malibu Wines is such an amazing experience! Its hundreds of acres of vineyards and animals that you can hike or take a safari ride though. We had a two hour guided hike through the vineyards with a few stops to feed animals along the way. We met Stanley the giraffe, a few zebras, horses, and tons of new friends! Ending the hike, they dropped us off at their outdoor restaurant where we had our wine tasting. My fav was the rose, so I bought a bottle to bring back to NYC with me.

The trip of course, had to end at In-N-Out! I secretly wish they had a NYC location, but I do love my Shake Shack too. After such an amazing weekend, it was time to take a red eye back to NYC…. remind me never to do that again without an eye mask. But I will be booking a trip again to LA soon!

Have you guys been to LA? What are your fav spots? I love sharing my tips and tricks from a good trip because how else would you find out about a cool new spot? Xox, J. 





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