Doesn’t stay in Vegas … well at least my trip won’t! It was just too good not to share! I had the most amazing time with my family and can’t wait to go again.

I went to Las Vegas the first week of February of 2018. It’s off season for Vegas so everything is super cheap! I booked my flight with Virgin America and was able to get round trip from NYC to Vegas for under $275 … hello!

Not only are flights cheap at this time, but so are hotels! Every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip was under $200 a night. My dad booked the hotel and opted with The Flamingo. Super 80s and retro but amazing location, great casino and even better amenities. We were able to get out hotel for $35 a night. Seriously such a steal!

The Flamingo truly has live Flamingos at the hotel which you can see for free any time during the day, so fun! They also have a beautiful pool (wasn’t warm enough yet) and so many shops within the hotel. My favorite was the buffet … Caesars offers a 24 hour unlimited buffet at their 5 hotels for only $50 a person. And breakfast includes free champagne!

Besides the amazing hotel, there were so many other cool hotels to walk through, sit down and gamble and grab drinks at! Some of my favorites were Caesar’s Palace, The Bellagio and The Paris Hotel (Effiel Tower included!) They each seriously take you on a journey and you feel like you aren’t in Vegas anymore!

A highlight of my trip .. besides the unlimited drinks while you gamble, was The High Roller at The Linq. It is a MASSIVE Ferris wheel with cars the size of someone’s bedroom. I think they said you can fit up to 30 people in one with room to spare! My mom and I decided to do the Happy Hour edition which was only $5 more than the normal $30 admission and included unlimited drinks for your ride. The top of the wheel is absolutely picture perfect and breath taking!

Besides the typical Vegas actives, I was able to get some shopping done! I absolutely LOVE The Fashion Sho Mall. It’s truly the biggest mall I’ve ever seen and has an amazing selection of stores. I could have spent the day there with the variety of shops but it was 75 degrees out so I was focused on enjoying the warm weather too!

I love just walking up and down the Strip in Vegas too. There is SO much to see. Nothing is more amazing than walking the Strip at night with all of the lights and watching the fountain show at The Bellagio, seriously didn’t want to leave!

I took a flight to Los Angeles after Vegas to visit my best friend, and will totally be writing about LA in a bit! Do you guys like my trip reviews?! Let me know your thoughts! Xx, J


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