Happy New Year babes! Can’t believe it’s officially 2018! Time for a fresh start with new goals and the right motivation to get them accomplished! For my 2018 resolutions, I took a little different approach than I did in the past. Instead of the typical, loose weight and exercise more resolutions, this year I’m making lifestyle changes.

2018 is all about MY 30. This idea of MY 30 is to dedicate 30 minutes a day to myself. No distractions from the world. No cell phone. No noise. You should spend these 30 minutes to focus on yourself and how can you make yourself better than the day before. These 30 minutes should be focused on positive energy and get rid of all negative thoughts. These 30 minutes are dedicated to refocusing and reminding yourself why you got out of bed each morning. Some ideas for how to spend your 30 min each day are up to you! Things I have on my list include exercise, meditating, praying, a hot bath, writing and reading.

This new year is all about mindfulness and being in the moment. A daily reminder of taking 30 minutes of me time is the best day to truly do So.

How do you plan on spending your MY 30 each day? Keep reading and I’ll be updated with new ways to MY30 and how I feel after month one! Xox, J.

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